Dear Luca

I met with your teacher today for your first parents’ evening at your new school in Brighton. You’re doing so well! Your writing and numeracy has improved immensely since you started here, you make it easier for everyone because of your motivation and eagerness to learn. You’ll do a whole page of writing because you love it, not because they asked you to do it; one line would do… but you want to do much more than that.

We would usually have IEP meetings. That’s when you get set goals that you have to reach, but the school has decided to do away with those. Instead you are being assessed regularly. Everything you do is recorded on a daily basis, every progress and every challenge. Their new system is working for you because goals constantly need to be moved, your work is tailored to your needs and to your pace. I think you’re very lucky to have such brilliant support and a teacher who really cares about you. He’s putting in a lot of work to plan your lessons and I’m so proud of you for doing the same in return, absorbing everything and making it all worthwhile.

You’re doing your best and we expect nothing more than that.

Well done my boy!

Love mum