Dear Luca

I’m tired today, I bet you’re pretty exhausted yourself. I am pushing you to sleep independently. It’s my fault that you’re not, I made allowances when we moved to Brighton but am now on a mission to sort it out. You have a very strong will! You get very angry when I close your bedroom door. You hit the door, shout out that you love me, that you hate me, that you’re sorry and that you’re going to bed. You’re trying just about every trick in the book. I have to close your door, if I don’t you will get out of bed and stand on the stairs, you are quite willing to stand there for two solid hours.

I’ve created this problem, so I understand your anger … but that doesn’t help you. I’ve told you that you need to sleep independently because, unless you do, you won’t be able to have sleepovers. You’re at an age now where you probably could have one, but not until you know how to sleep on your own.

I’m sorry that I’ve confused you. I’m putting it right. Hopefully it won’t be long before this is all a distant memory and you go to sleep with no fuss. I’m going to continue closing your door and ignoring your outbursts (as hard as that is), with the hope that soon you’ll just give up the fight.

Try sleep tight tonight.

Love mum