Dear Luca

Today was your Christmas Assembly, the one you didn’t want to partake in. I came to watch you because you’d decided to try. You did so well! I only knew of two songs that you were going to sing, but you sang about five and did all the actions perfectly… singing with such gusto and enthusiasm. I was so proud of you and so happy that you managed to do it, despite everyone thinking you wouldn’t.

You also went to sleep by yourself last night. You called me for about 15 minutes only, bashed the door a couple of times, then turned your light on and read your books for a bit. I left you to it then had a little peek when all was quiet, you’d turned off your light and had gone to sleep. I think this sleep malarky is finally sinking in, and as a result we’re both feeling well rested today.

Well done my boy!

Love mum