Dear Luca

I had really good news yesterday, you finally have a place at a new school. There are two brilliant schools closer to home, and you’ve got a place at my first choice. When I told you yesterday you weren’t very happy. You told me that you didn’t know the children at the new school, and you didn’t want to leave. You started at this school very recently, in September, and it’s taken a little while for you to settle so I can understand your frustration. When I told you about all the good things at your new school you were happier, excited even. Your new school is smaller, so you will get to know everyone and everyone will be lucky enough to get to know you. Your new school has a huge field next to the play ground, perfect for kicking a football around. When I told you this, you asked me if girls were also allowed to play on the field. Yes Luca, they are… !

I won’t move you again. You will spend the rest of your primary schooling here. I know you will love it. They have a very caring ethos and are looking forward to meeting you. The after school clubs are funded, which means they are free for you to attend. That’s quite unusual but they want everyone to be able to access them, not just those who can afford it.

Today is the day you say goodbye to all the new friends you have made, I have no doubt they’ll miss you, as you will them. You’re a confident, social boy and I know you’ll fit in just fine at the new school. You have an incredible acceptance of change, that is why I am doing this … because you will be ok and take it in your stride as you always do.

To new beginnings…

Love mum