Dear Luca

As I write this you are with your dad in Italy. He spent Christmas Eve with us, you and him made my favourite pasta for dinner, spaghetti vongole. You were very excited about Father Christmas visiting and asked me to remove my ceramic candle holder from the fireplace, so he didn’t hurt himself when he came down the chimney.

You had a lot of presents to open on Christmas morning. You relished every single one… spending time looking at it, absorbing it, before moving onto the next. Dad left to go back to London as our friend, Chloe, arrived for lunch. You didn’t like it when we pulled the Christmas crackers, the noise hurt your ears. You also insisted I remove the Christmas hat from my head, I tried to keep it on but you weren’t having it.

While you’re away I’m going to donate all your old toys and do a big clean up, ready to start the new year afresh. I also have to buy you a new wardrobe, nothing’s fitting you anymore and you don’t wear a uniform at your new school so will need a lot of new clothes.

Hope you’re having lots of fun in Italy.

Love mum