Dear Luca

Today was your first day at your new school. It took us about 15 minutes to walk there, so much closer than your last school but the hills are far steeper, very good for my thighs. Everyone was there to greet us, the SENCO, the headteacher and your support staff. You asked me to stay for a few minutes, which I did… then left you to it.

When I collected you I had a chat to Mrs Schuy, your support worker. She spoke so highly of you, said you were such a lovely boy, that you are extremely motivated to learn, confident, chatty and that you did really well with handwriting and numeracy today. She is very fond of you already. She told me that after lessons some of the children and their parents go to the park right next to the school to play and have a bit of a run around. We went with your new friend Freddie and his mum to take a look. You played really well together and I will arrange for Freddie to come around to our home soon.

I had a long chat to his mum who said the school was brilliant and assured me you’d be very happy there. The children seem much nicer, the parents friendlier and more welcoming and the staff are brilliant so far. The headteacher made an effort to come and chat to me when I collected you, the first time I have experienced that at any of your schools.

All in all it was a great start. You told me that it’s a much nicer school than your old one in Brighton and London, and I have to agree with you. Long may it last.

Here’s to another great day tomorrow!

Love mum