Dear Luca

You’re doing really well at your new school and have settled in pretty quickly. We go to the park next door quite often at the end of your day, you play football with your friends and other random boys… but you can’t go every day, so sometimes I say no. You don’t like that and will hit out at me, you struggle to contain your rage and disappointment. You can’t always have it your own way, it’s a hard lesson to learn but extremely necessary. Imagine you went through life expecting a yes whenever you wanted something? You wouldn’t be liked and you wouldn’t get very far. Believe you me, I love to get my own way, we all do … but it’s how you deal with it that’s important. After your initial rage you tend to settle down, cry, say sorry and hug me. You feel remorse which is good because it shows me that you’re self aware and know how to apologise. Saying you’re sorry and admitting you’re wrong is a very courageous quality to have. Not many people can do that.

I’ve aslo noticed a huge change in your attitude. You talk to me about your day now, you never used to. Before you started here you’d say ‘I don’t know’ when I asked how it went. But now it’s very different, you tell me about it in great detail. You have ‘golden time’ on Fridays, you get to choose an activity that is unrelated to learning, it’s about having fun. So far you’ve played ping-pong, football and today you’re going to dance club. You tell me about phonics, numbers and what you had for lunch. You get to choose your meals every day and I’ve had to tell you to stop eating so much pasta. I asked you to try something different this week and you listened to me, you had a baked potato with tuna.

You have also mentioned to me that the children at your new school don’t fight like the ones at your old school. I can tell that it’s much better for you, and that you are happier. You’re making some good friends and that’s giving you the confidence that you need in a new environment.

Today you’re at your first after-school club. I’m sure you’re having a ball, and especially looking forward to the pasta you’ll be having, followed by ice-cream. Pasta again, guess what we’re not having for dinner tonight?

Love mum