Dear Luca

I’ve finally got you into swimming lessons, we’ve been on the waiting list for a while now. You used to swim in London but never really progressed to the next stage for various reasons, you were ill a lot and missed many classes. So, today was your first in Brighton. You were very vocal! Every time the instructor gave you a new challenge or tool you would shout out “woooah, sick” or “woooo hooooo”. I was watching you from a balcony above the pool and after every length you’d shout up to me “mummy, I did it! Did you see that?” along with the thumbs up sign.

You thoroughly enjoyed yourself and tried really hard, after the class you ran around the pool with your arms in the air like a footballer/rockstar, I can’t really decide which.

You didn’t moan once, just got on with it. It was quite hard work  but that’s besides the point, because you didn’t seem to care or notice. I love that about you.

Love mum