Dear Luca

You will speak to anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances. Your dad and I are trying to make you aware of stranger danger, without breaking your friendly spirit. We haven’t been particularly successful, but it seems school are. Today, on the way home you ran ahead of me and started chatting to a lady walking a dog. When I approached you the lady turned to me and said “he’s not to talk to strangers”. I asked her if you had said that, or if she was saying that. Apparently she started chatting to you first after you showed some interest in her dog, you then said you shouldn’t speak to her.

It’s amazing how you’ll listen to others, and not to your dad or I. If you’re learning important things I don’t really care where it comes from, I’m relieved that it’s finally sinking in. I have had visions of you chatting to someone nasty one day and never seeing you again, it was a big worry for me. You are very trusting of people and have no problem settling into a long dialogue. Not any more it seems… good! You asked if I was proud of you, yes… I am. I’m mostly proud of you Luca.

Love mum