Dear Luca

You had your second play date today with Freddie, a friend you’ve made at your new school. It’s taken a while to organise, our boiler broke for a while so our home was freezing cold, then I lost my phone so couldn’t confirm things with his mum. Finally we managed to sort it out.

Well, I think I’ve learned more from this experience than you. I don’t have many friends who have children, those that do live far away from us. You sometimes have Dylan over to play, he lives a couple of doors down from us … or there’s Chloe and Natasha who have kids and you sometimes play with them.

The reason I say I’ve learned a lot from today, is because it’s going to take some getting used to. One of the reasons I moved to Brighton was to spend more time with you and be a part of your life. In London I was working full time, you were at school from 8.30am until around 5.30pm every day, most of your socialising happened then … I was never able to organise play dates because I was working. Of course weekends were different.

Today I watched you play with Freddie. You rugby tackled one another, giggled, screached, banged your heads on the wooden floors, hurt yourselves numerous times but got right back up and got on with it. I am not used to seeing you play with boys your age, younger girls maybe… but this is what Brighton’s all about. I have so much to learn about you and so glad I’m now working part time so that I can do that. Life is short and as much as I was holding my breath hoping that you wouldn’t crack your head open (!) and play safe, I was smiling inside because I’m experiencing just what I want to be; you hanging out with a friend in our home.

You cried when Freddie left. It’s pretty new for you too, but there’ll be many more play dates with lots of different people. I’ll get used to the boyish behaviour and you’ll be able to say goodbye without shedding a tear.

Love mum