Dear Luca

Our boiler broke recently, at what felt like the coldest few days we’ve had so far this winter. We had no heating or hot water. It was probably warmer outside than in so we went to meet Keryn and other friends at the beach, we ended up staying with them that night so we could have a hot bath and be warm. I wasn’t prepared for it, I had no nappies or clothes for you. I’ve been wanting to get you out of nappies at night for a while now, but because we’ve been working on you sleeping independently I didn’t feel it was right … to have too many expectations.

We put a bin bag under the sheet and a towel on top, so you wouldn’t mess on Keryn’s bed. Well, that was unnecessary because you didn’t wee at all. I kept waking up to feel your pyjamas and you remained dry throughout the night. That was enough for me and your dad and we decided to go with the flow. Since then you have messed in the bed more often than you haven’t, but that’s ok, you’re learning something new.

But you haven’t messed for two nights in a row now, at mine and at your dad (you’re there for half term) which is brilliant. I think this is a classic example of me underestimating you and I’ll try learn from it.

I hope you’re having fun with your dad and seeing some old friends at the play scheme. If you don’t manage to stay dry tonight that’s ok …

Love mum