Dear Luca

Today is CHD awareness day, it’s also Valentine’s day but that’s not at all important to me. CHD is important to me. You were born with a congenital heart defect, you had a large ASD and multiple VSDs. At two months old you had heart surgery, they put a band on your pulmonary artery to restrict the amount of oxygenated blood going to your lungs. This was meant to help you put on weight, ready for the big open heart surgery. Unfortunately the band wasn’t tight enough and you had to have the surgery 3 months later, you weren’t at the right weight but you were really struggling to breathe so we had no choice.

You would never know that you’ve had open heart surgery, unless you noticed the visible scar on your chest. You’re doing so well that you only need to be seen every two years. Your heart is ‘repaired’.

Today I reflected on all that and your dad and I are eternally grateful to the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital for doing such a good job and making you well. Some children haven’t survived because of their CHDs, while others continue to struggle. We are very fortunate that you’re doing alright.

Love mum