Dear Luca

You had your first sleepover at Chloe’s last night. I honestly expected a call to collect you, but that didn’t happen. Wow! I sent Chloe a few texts checking up on things … she told me to relax and stop worrying. You were totally fine and slept in Iona and Milla’s room with them. You were really well behaved and there were no issues at all.

You called me this morning, but that wasn’t because you were missing me, it was because the dog bit your ball and it popped. We’ll buy you a new one.

I’m going to take you out for a sunday roast via the shop to buy you a magazine. You deserve a treat. We’ll head to the park afterwards so you can play football, maybe we’ll see the kids you played with yesterday? If we don’t you’ll just play with someone else, like you always do.

Such a big boy! Maybe next time Iona and Milla can come to ours.

Love mum