Dear Luca

Today is a big day, for two reasons; a year ago today I moved to Brighton and it’s Father’s day. You lived in London until September to finish year one at school, I was also working in London so I stayed with you and dad for most of the week and came back to Brighton on the weekends. It was an exciting time, preparing our home ready for your final move. So much has happened this last year, you’ve been to two schools, I became self-employed, you’ve made lots of new friends (as have I) and we’re about to get a kitten. We are well and truly settled here.

Today is also Father’s day. I just wanted to make a reference to your father because he’s pretty awesome, but you know that already. Even though we’re not together anymore he’d do anything for both of us. We can rely on him 100% and I know we’re blessed to have him in our lives. We will raise a glass to him today at lunch time when we celebrate a year of Brighton life with our dear friends, Chloe, Iona, Milla and Jacques.

Here’s to another great year!

Love mum