Dear Luca

Today is your 7th birthday, it is also Nelson Mandela’s birthday.. he’s 94! You have a little while yet before you reach that age. Nelson Mandela is a truly inspirational man, as you are a truly inspirational boy. This is your blog though so I’ll be focusing on you.

7 years ago you came into this world, you were in no rush to make an appearance and made us wait a little longer; you were very comfortable in my tummy. Shortly after we met you we found out our strong little boy was born with a broken heart, but not to worry about that, it’s fixed now. The scar on your chest is proof of what a little soldier you are.

You’ve been through a lot in these 7 years, mostly when you were younger though so don’t think you’ll remember any of it. Looking at you now, how you have grown into a feisty, independent and loving boy, it’s hard to believe that you were once so poorly.

You’re trying really hard at school and have touched so many people and made plenty of new friends. Your dad and I are super proud of you and love you very much. Looking foward to burgers and chips with you later.

Love mum