Dear Luca

It’s so good to have you home. You’ve been with your dad for the past week, aunty Elisa visited from Italy and looked after you while your dad was at work. You had a great time and did so much. She took you to the British Museum, swimming, the London Zoo and to the woods.

We all went out for dinner last night. Dad treated me because it was my birthday last week, when you were away. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to give me my flowers and African treats. Thank you so much, the flowers have pride of place on the dining room table, they smell lovely. You tried an oyster for the first time and loved it, you also had sushi for lunch. It’s incredible that you’ll try any food and you enjoy everything. There’s nothing you don’t eat, considering you didn’t eat until you were 16 months old I find it awesome. I still love to watch you tucking into your food, I don’t think the novelty will ever wear off.

Dad’s friends have given you an mp3 player. You’ve been listening to music on it most of the morning and singing along to Justin Bieber. I prefer your voice to his, by far.

On Sunday you go to Italy for two weeks with your dad. Lucky boy but I’ll miss you!

Love mum