Dear Luca

You had a wonderful time in Italy with your dad and spent a lot of time with nonno and nonna. Two weeks is a long time to spend apart, but it goes really fast when you’re having so much fun … doesn’t it? Arthur Christmas even managed to deliver presents to you in Milan, how clever is he to know where you are? You got loads of things, but think you liked your Guns ‘n Roses CD the most. Thank you for bringing me back a great big piece of parmesan.


While you were away I redecorated your bedroom. You now have your own desk where you can sit and ‘work’, just like your mum and dad does. I was so excited to show it to you … and lucky for me, you loved it! Your favourite colour is black you see, I chose green and white furniture. I was concerned that living in a black room would make you depressed. 😉 You have a new football duvet cover, and there’s plenty of black in that.

luca room

It’s been a good start to the year. You’ve been on the waiting list for swimming lessons for months, but finally have a place. They are one-one lessons and far better for you than group sessions … you do have to work a lot harder though. School is also going really well and you’re happy.

Your sleeping has improved so much. You’re now staying in your bed and going to sleep on your own after we’ve read together. The Dr Seuss series is your choice of flavour at the moment, my favourite from when I was a little girl. Anyway, I let you decide what your reward should be for sleeping and staying in your bed … you’ve chosen tickets to go and watch Brighton play football at the stadium. You deserve them.

It’s snowing today and we’re going to Chloe’s house for Sunday roast. Maybe you can build another snowman with the twins?

Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

Love mum