Dear Luca

I’ve been REALLY slack lately, sorry I haven’t written you a letter for so long. I’ve been so busy with my business and life in general. A lot has happened since I last wrote, I don’t really know where to start. We went on holiday to South Africa to see my family. You had a wonderful time catching up with your cousins and you were sad to leave.

2012-11-29 07.11.23

You’ve also been to Italy with your dad, quite a few times, and you’re going again in the summer holidays. I stayed with you and your dad last week when I was in London for work. You looked after me really well, made sure I was happy with the room I stayed in, offered me breakfast and asked if I had slept ok. Thank you for being such a great host.

Luca and Sal

You’re quite busy in the week, you do street dance and swimming on Monday night now. Iona and Milla do the dancing with you. Your swimming has really improved too, you’re super confident in the water and try really hard to kick your legs. You tried karate and kick boxing on a Wednesday but it didn’t really work out. We’ll look at sending you again when you’re a bit older. I need to find something else for you to do on a Wednesday, I’m thinking football or drumming. You love both so I’ll let you decide.

I received a text message from school today saying you’re getting a certificate in assembly on Friday. Another one? Soon your whole wall will be covered with certificates, well done my boy! Your dad and I are very proud of you. I will be there to see you receive it, I love how enthusiastic you are when you’re given it. You’re proud of yourself too and that’s great! 🙂


You start occupational therapy on Thursday. The reason being you need a little help with your fine motor skills. You struggle to put your shoes on unless they are velcro and you’re unable to manage buttons or zips. I’m not a fan of buttons myself so perhaps you got that from me? You’ll get to miss the first part of school so there’ll be plenty of time to have a nice, big fry up!

Love mum