Dear Luca

As I am writing this you are with your dad in Italy learning how to snowboard. Apparently you’re doing really well at it, only falling once and your dad falling countless times. You have no fear. I’m missing you and reflecting back on the year so thought I would write you another letter as I’ve been slacking (again).

2013 was an interesting year for me. I have had several issues with your school so have spent most of the year trying to find you another one. It’s not because you’re unhappy, it’s because you’re finding things difficult, and that’s ok. I want you to be in an environment where everything that’s taught to you is understood, and is spoken to you in a language that you understand. You struggle with certain things, like mental maths and writing. I also struggled with maths and even had to take extra lessons when I was at school. I also have dreadful handwriting and most can’t read it. We can’t all be good at everything, and I would never expect that from you.

There are plenty of things you are good at, so let’s talk about some of those.

Your memory

Every day when I take you to school in the car you ask me to play Radio 1. Every day. There’s not one day you won’t ask. You know that I will always play it for you, yet you still ask. It’s just a small part of our morning routine. You know every song that’s played and you know the artist too. You sing along to the lyrics, word for word. You know more bands than I do and will often ask me where they are from and if they are alive or dead. If they are dead you want to know how they died. Your love of music is awesome, the energy and passion you have is contagious. Never stop loving music. You start your one-one guitar lessons in February, so I look forward to watching you jam and learning how to play this wonderful instrument.

You also know most football teams, who is playing who, who won and what the score was. You also know all the players names. That’s really impressive! Your dad takes you to football club when you’re with him on the weekend, you even scored a penalty! Dad was very proud of you.

Your reading

You’ve done so well with your reading, in a term you have progressed the equivalent of a year and a half. That is incredible! What’s even better is I love that you can now enjoy books. You have plenty of football magazines that you can now try to read instead of just looking at the pictures. You’re asking me what certain words ‘say’ and I love that.

Your writing

Even though you still struggle a little with this, mostly when you try and join letters, you’ve come so far. You wrote a Christmas card all by yourself, I wasn’t there to help you. This is a picture of that card, and it speaks for itself.

So, this year there will be a few changes. At the end of year 4 you’ll be leaving your school and moving to another one. The new school will be smaller and you’ll find the lessons far easier to deal with. You’ll miss your friends but I’m going to make sure that you stay in touch with them all … I have no doubt you’ll make new friends too.

I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved this year, despite the challenges and difficulties. You are always happy and ready to give everyone a hug. You’re highly motivated and put your all into learning. You’re loved by everyone who knows you. Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

Love mum