Dear Luca

Last night you came downstairs holding a framed photo of me sitting on my dad’s lap. You know that my dad died many years ago. Our conversation went something like this… {shortened version!}

“Do you have your dad’s hair?”
I guess so, my hair is darker though.

“Do you miss him?”
Yes, I miss him very much.

“How old are you in this photo?”
Around five, I think.

“How old were you when he died?”

“Do you dream about him?”
Yes, that’s when I get a chance to talk to him.

“Can you talk to him in your dreams?”

“Is he in the sky?”
Yes, he’s a star, so I can look up whenever I miss him and feel that he’s close to me.

“I didn’t meet him, did I?”
No you didn’t, but he would’ve loved to have met you.

“I want to meet your daddy”
You will, one day.

When it’s your time to meet him, you will.

“I can see you have some tears”. You walked off to the toilet and brought me back a tissue and gave me a big hug.

“Mummy, are you going to be 40 soon and amazing?”
🙂 Yes, I am!

“If you rub your arms really hard, will the skin fall away and will there be bones?”
No, your skin is stronger than you think.

You then offered me a bite of your dinner. “Want some mum? Seriously you can have some!”

You held the photo in your hands and asked me to take a picture of you. Here it is…


You’re a special boy, I loved our chat and I love you,