Dear Luca,

You went on a school trip to Liddington a while ago now, I was meant to write you a letter then … but have been so busy I haven’t really had the chance. Well, there was quite a build-up to the trip. Your teachers were concerned about your sleeping. You’ve had issues when you sleep, in that you feel really anxious at bed time and if I’m in another room, ie downstairs and you’re upstairs, you don’t like it. I reassured them you’d be fine, as you manage sleepovers at friends perfectly well as you have company in the bedroom and I knew you’d be sleeping with your buddies on the trip. Your sleeping is pretty much sorted now, after you read to me and say goodnight you sleep, until the morning at 7.30am. I don’t expect it to always be like this, but I guess you’re just ready and have turned the corner I’ve been waiting for you to turn.

Your dad and I bought you a few new things for your trip. Some new wellington boots (which you never actually wore, but muddied your brand new trainers instead!), an arsenal sleeping bag and some cool sweatshirts.  I took you to the bus that was going to drive you to Liddington. I chatted to Ms Reed (your teaching assistant) who was going along to keep you company, she offered me her mobile number to call her if I needed to. I declined, I knew you’d be alright. The doors shut and all I could see was my reflection in the glass, so I was waving to myself really, my face all screwed up from trying not to cry. This was your first school trip, away from me or your dad for 2 nights.

I thought of you a lot while you were away. Wondered what you were doing, how much food you were guzzling and how you were getting along with everyone. I couldn’t wait to see you and arrived at the pick up just in time. You were still on the bus when I was bombarded by teachers and your friends saying how amazing you were on the trip. How you were only 2 out of 10 in your group who managed to climb all the way to the top of the 8m climbing wall and ring the bell. How you befriended all the staff at the centre, they all knew you by name and loved you. How you slept so well without a fuss. You took part in every activity with gusto, the only one in your group to do so. You took it all in your stride and made the most of every single minute. I am so so proud of you and especially happy that you had such a fantastic time. I now need to man up, and not get the creeps when you climb things in the park.

You jumped off the bus, gave me a massive hug and went to say goodbye to all your mates, but not before they told you how cool you were and what a great time they had with you. I think they were all as proud of you as we were. I’ve decided that I’m going to send you off to summer camps, you thrived and enjoyed it so much… it would be silly not to.

2014-03-28 09.31.00

Love mum