Let’s do this!

Dear Luca

I had a thought today, you will now be able to read these letters that I have written you. I hope you like them.

You’re in Italy celebrating the New Year with your dad, thank you for calling me so often, I’ve loved our chats and hearing all about what you’re up to. Matty and I are busy sorting out your bedroom, it’s looking so much better and we hope you’ll love your new space.

You haven’t been in school for 6 months now, I removed you. You didn’t really understand why at first and asked if it was because they didn’t like you. I told you that’s not the case, you are loved by everyone. I just noticed you showing signs of stress when you came home and I want you to be happy. Being happy is way more important than being at school. You also don’t have to go to school to learn, you can learn at home and in the community, how cool is that? You will never stop learning in life, it does not have to begin and end at school.

home ed

The last 6 months you’ve been having fun and learning at the same time. You’re really into your climbing and drumming. We’ve also cooked lots and lots of cakes. I’ve loved having you home with me, it’s so good not to have to rush around to get ready for school. I love that we can just chill out, I love that you don’t come home from school and feel stressed. I’m getting to know you on another level, I feel very lucky to be able to spend so much time with you.

You’re ready to learn now. Isn’t it great not being forced to learn something that doesn’t interest you? You’ve started writing again, I remember you used to hate writing so I’m really happy you want to try and more importantly, enjoy it at the same time. No pressure.

As we turn our back on 2015, let’s reflect on what you’ve experienced.

You left school to be home educated – once you got over the initial shock you embraced it and took it in your stride, like you always do. I’m super proud and am going to love being a part of this journey with you.

You started drumming lessons – you try really hard, it can be tricky learning new things but you have persevered. I love how you play on your drums daily, whenever you want to. They’re REALLY loud but I love listening to you. I think you’re very talented, when you play them you’re happy and that makes me happy too.

You started indoor climbing club – It’s quite different to bouldering, I think you feel safer using ropes. You’ve managed to make it to the top and your technique is improving all the time. Well done!



You learned to swim – You no longer sink when your feet can’t touch the ground. You can swim in the deepend and are very confident in the water. Love it!

You’re a masterchef – I love your enthusiasm when you’re cooking something, you love food, it excites you. It’s not just something to fill you up, you’re genuinely interested in ingredients and taste. You will make marinades whenever you fancy it, I always find some interesting ones in the fridge. I like being surprised, I never know what I will find.


You were given your first electric guitar – This was an early Christmas present from me. We had a day out in town and you asked if we could go into the shop and have a look. You were so excited, I had to buy you one.


You were given drum sticks, a guitar pick and playlist by Muse – Wow! Thank you Simon for sorting this for you.


You met Brian May – Another BIG WOW! Thanks again to Simon for sorting backstage passes for you to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard. None of us expected you to meet such a legend, he’s also damn lucky to have met you as well. You love watching Queen videos on YouTube, incredible that you got to meet him eh? I reckon you’re ready for your first festival, 2016 will be the year we do this! I honestly can’t wait.


I’d say 2015 has been pretty special for you. I also know 2016 is going to be more so.

Love you so much and can’t wait to see you on Monday.

Love mum







That time when …

Dear Luca,

beachRemember that time when you were telling me about your girlfriend? You thought she looked very pretty in her dress, there was a party at school.

Remember that time when you ran to the school taxi, holding a flower for her in your hand, and all the petals fell off? I ran back inside to get you another, but that one didn’t last the journey and you had to bin it.

Remember that time when I was reading you the story about how the camel got his hump (humph)? You wanted to finish reading it, and boy did you read well!

Remember that time when you made some marinade out of pesto, butter, olive oil and pumpkin seeds? You told me it would go really well with chicken OR fish.

Remember that time when you were watching football on the telly? You offered to change the channel because you know I don’t like watching it.

Remember that time when Sam I am went missing? You were really upset and asked about him constantly, we celebrated together when he returned home.

Remember that time when we you sang carols at the Brighton Centre? Neither of us enjoyed it, because you couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see you.

Remember that time when we had dinner together in Hove? You made friends with the table next to us. You sat with them the whole time, I just watched, listened and smiled.

Remember that time you threw your spoon into the bin, and the empty yogurt tub into the sink? You will, because you do it often.

You are at dad’s for half term this week, I miss you.


Nine things I love about you

Dear Luca,

Today you turned nine, and what an amazing nine years it’s been. There’s so much everyone, and myself, can learn from you. I’m going to focus on nine things, there are plenty more but I’ll save those for your future birthday posts.

You feel empathy ~ Granny Stella died recently (my mum) and you have tried to understand it all. You didn’t know her well so you were unable to cry when I told you she’d gone. But you knew I was hurting and asked me questions, hugged me and talked to me about her. You still mention her now, even though I’m outwardly not grieving. When you look at me, in the eye, I know that you understand in your own way.

You sing like no-one’s listening ~ I have a terrible singing voice. Yours changes, when you’re listening to music on your headphones, you tend to mumble a little. When you’re in the car you sing at the top of your voice, making up your own lyrics if you’re unsure. It brings joy to my heart.

Your honesty ~ Most kids are honest, there comes a point when that changes though. You are unable to express yourself as clearly as other kids might, but you give it a good shot.

Your morning greetings ~ Every morning, without fail, you will say “Good morning mummy”, wearing a big smile. I would find it very odd if you didn’t do that and I would know that you weren’t feeling well.

Your hugs ~ Hugs are soul food, and my soul is satisfied, it can never be full and not want more. Often you will ask me “mummy, can I give you a hug?” You walk over to me with your arms open, and we hug. You rest your head on my shoulder and my heart melts.

Your confidence ~ You are so sure of yourself, you walk into a room and speak to others with conviction and genuinely want to find common ground. You will approach groups in the park to play, irrelevant of their age.

Your love of food ~ You don’t turn anything away, you will always try something once, then mostly eat it again and again.

Your passion ~ You have three main loves – football, music and food. You are true to yourself and you educate yourself. I don’t make you love things, or force you to love things, you just do. You love them all and can hold your own with any of those, if they were to come up in a conversation.

Your ability to say sorry ~ No one is perfect and we all make mistakes and hurt people from time to time. Not everyone will admit to their mistakes, it takes a big person to do that. If we have an argument or something happens where you have hurt someone’s feelings, after a chat and a calm down, you are able to say sorry.  You feel genuine remorse and I know that your apology is heartfelt.

We are celebrating your birthday tomorrow, I’m sharing this video of you because I love it and it is you in a nutshell. You are dancing and singing on your imaginery stage, not caring who is behind you or if they are watching, only looking forwards and living in the moment.

Happy birthday!

Love mum


Dear Luca,

This morning you asked me if you had problems in your head. You were pointing at your forehead when you asked, and suggested something happened to you when you were a baby. I said that you didn’t. Apparently your best friend told you that you did, I guess that’s his interpretation of things. I don’t want you to ever refer to your uniqueness as a ‘problem’, defined as “a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.” Those words do not define you.

We had a little chat and I explained that there are millions and millions of genes in the body, and that you’re missing just a few of them. We spoke about how you find learning difficult and you agreed school can be ‘tricky’. We talked about your new school, how you will really enjoy learning and that all the other kids are there for the same reason. You jumped for joy shouting out “there will be football tournaments!” That was it, conversation over.

I want you to know that life, in itself, is a miracle. Just because you’re missing some genes, doesn’t make you any less whole, or human, than someone who isn’t. Just because you find numeracy and handwriting difficult, doesn’t mean that you are stupid. Don’t let those little things detract from your knowledge and love of music, bands and football.

You are loved everywhere you go. When you meet someone for the first time you will ask which football team they support. It could be Liverpool or Wigan, it doesn’t matter… yet you know the players, who they last played against, who won and what the score was. If that person doesn’t like football you ask them about music. Everyone loves music, right? You will find common ground and the conversation flows. Your knowledge is astounding and you are self-taught.

I’ll end this letter by telling you something extraordinary. A little boy has recently moved onto our street, he’s three years old and his name is Nate. Nate was adopted in Africa when he was one, he was in an orphanage and his parents know very little about where he comes from and who his biological parents are. Nate is very quiet; in fact, he doesn’t speak much at all. That is, until he met you. His mother told me that they have never heard Nate speak as much as he does, than when he is around you. Now, I wouldn’t say that’s a ‘problem’, would you?

I love you and am very proud of you,



Dear Luca,

You went on a school trip to Liddington a while ago now, I was meant to write you a letter then … but have been so busy I haven’t really had the chance. Well, there was quite a build-up to the trip. Your teachers were concerned about your sleeping. You’ve had issues when you sleep, in that you feel really anxious at bed time and if I’m in another room, ie downstairs and you’re upstairs, you don’t like it. I reassured them you’d be fine, as you manage sleepovers at friends perfectly well as you have company in the bedroom and I knew you’d be sleeping with your buddies on the trip. Your sleeping is pretty much sorted now, after you read to me and say goodnight you sleep, until the morning at 7.30am. I don’t expect it to always be like this, but I guess you’re just ready and have turned the corner I’ve been waiting for you to turn.

Your dad and I bought you a few new things for your trip. Some new wellington boots (which you never actually wore, but muddied your brand new trainers instead!), an arsenal sleeping bag and some cool sweatshirts.  I took you to the bus that was going to drive you to Liddington. I chatted to Ms Reed (your teaching assistant) who was going along to keep you company, she offered me her mobile number to call her if I needed to. I declined, I knew you’d be alright. The doors shut and all I could see was my reflection in the glass, so I was waving to myself really, my face all screwed up from trying not to cry. This was your first school trip, away from me or your dad for 2 nights.

I thought of you a lot while you were away. Wondered what you were doing, how much food you were guzzling and how you were getting along with everyone. I couldn’t wait to see you and arrived at the pick up just in time. You were still on the bus when I was bombarded by teachers and your friends saying how amazing you were on the trip. How you were only 2 out of 10 in your group who managed to climb all the way to the top of the 8m climbing wall and ring the bell. How you befriended all the staff at the centre, they all knew you by name and loved you. How you slept so well without a fuss. You took part in every activity with gusto, the only one in your group to do so. You took it all in your stride and made the most of every single minute. I am so so proud of you and especially happy that you had such a fantastic time. I now need to man up, and not get the creeps when you climb things in the park.

You jumped off the bus, gave me a massive hug and went to say goodbye to all your mates, but not before they told you how cool you were and what a great time they had with you. I think they were all as proud of you as we were. I’ve decided that I’m going to send you off to summer camps, you thrived and enjoyed it so much… it would be silly not to.

2014-03-28 09.31.00

Love mum


Dear Luca

Last night you came downstairs holding a framed photo of me sitting on my dad’s lap. You know that my dad died many years ago. Our conversation went something like this… {shortened version!}

“Do you have your dad’s hair?”
I guess so, my hair is darker though.

“Do you miss him?”
Yes, I miss him very much.

“How old are you in this photo?”
Around five, I think.

“How old were you when he died?”

“Do you dream about him?”
Yes, that’s when I get a chance to talk to him.

“Can you talk to him in your dreams?”

“Is he in the sky?”
Yes, he’s a star, so I can look up whenever I miss him and feel that he’s close to me.

“I didn’t meet him, did I?”
No you didn’t, but he would’ve loved to have met you.

“I want to meet your daddy”
You will, one day.

When it’s your time to meet him, you will.

“I can see you have some tears”. You walked off to the toilet and brought me back a tissue and gave me a big hug.

“Mummy, are you going to be 40 soon and amazing?”
🙂 Yes, I am!

“If you rub your arms really hard, will the skin fall away and will there be bones?”
No, your skin is stronger than you think.

You then offered me a bite of your dinner. “Want some mum? Seriously you can have some!”

You held the photo in your hands and asked me to take a picture of you. Here it is…


You’re a special boy, I loved our chat and I love you,


What will 2014 bring?

Dear Luca

As I am writing this you are with your dad in Italy learning how to snowboard. Apparently you’re doing really well at it, only falling once and your dad falling countless times. You have no fear. I’m missing you and reflecting back on the year so thought I would write you another letter as I’ve been slacking (again).

2013 was an interesting year for me. I have had several issues with your school so have spent most of the year trying to find you another one. It’s not because you’re unhappy, it’s because you’re finding things difficult, and that’s ok. I want you to be in an environment where everything that’s taught to you is understood, and is spoken to you in a language that you understand. You struggle with certain things, like mental maths and writing. I also struggled with maths and even had to take extra lessons when I was at school. I also have dreadful handwriting and most can’t read it. We can’t all be good at everything, and I would never expect that from you.

There are plenty of things you are good at, so let’s talk about some of those.

Your memory

Every day when I take you to school in the car you ask me to play Radio 1. Every day. There’s not one day you won’t ask. You know that I will always play it for you, yet you still ask. It’s just a small part of our morning routine. You know every song that’s played and you know the artist too. You sing along to the lyrics, word for word. You know more bands than I do and will often ask me where they are from and if they are alive or dead. If they are dead you want to know how they died. Your love of music is awesome, the energy and passion you have is contagious. Never stop loving music. You start your one-one guitar lessons in February, so I look forward to watching you jam and learning how to play this wonderful instrument.

You also know most football teams, who is playing who, who won and what the score was. You also know all the players names. That’s really impressive! Your dad takes you to football club when you’re with him on the weekend, you even scored a penalty! Dad was very proud of you.

Your reading

You’ve done so well with your reading, in a term you have progressed the equivalent of a year and a half. That is incredible! What’s even better is I love that you can now enjoy books. You have plenty of football magazines that you can now try to read instead of just looking at the pictures. You’re asking me what certain words ‘say’ and I love that.

Your writing

Even though you still struggle a little with this, mostly when you try and join letters, you’ve come so far. You wrote a Christmas card all by yourself, I wasn’t there to help you. This is a picture of that card, and it speaks for itself.

So, this year there will be a few changes. At the end of year 4 you’ll be leaving your school and moving to another one. The new school will be smaller and you’ll find the lessons far easier to deal with. You’ll miss your friends but I’m going to make sure that you stay in touch with them all … I have no doubt you’ll make new friends too.

I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved this year, despite the challenges and difficulties. You are always happy and ready to give everyone a hug. You’re highly motivated and put your all into learning. You’re loved by everyone who knows you. Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

Love mum

Busy mummy

Dear Luca

I’ve been REALLY slack lately, sorry I haven’t written you a letter for so long. I’ve been so busy with my business and life in general. A lot has happened since I last wrote, I don’t really know where to start. We went on holiday to South Africa to see my family. You had a wonderful time catching up with your cousins and you were sad to leave.

2012-11-29 07.11.23

You’ve also been to Italy with your dad, quite a few times, and you’re going again in the summer holidays. I stayed with you and your dad last week when I was in London for work. You looked after me really well, made sure I was happy with the room I stayed in, offered me breakfast and asked if I had slept ok. Thank you for being such a great host.

Luca and Sal

You’re quite busy in the week, you do street dance and swimming on Monday night now. Iona and Milla do the dancing with you. Your swimming has really improved too, you’re super confident in the water and try really hard to kick your legs. You tried karate and kick boxing on a Wednesday but it didn’t really work out. We’ll look at sending you again when you’re a bit older. I need to find something else for you to do on a Wednesday, I’m thinking football or drumming. You love both so I’ll let you decide.

I received a text message from school today saying you’re getting a certificate in assembly on Friday. Another one? Soon your whole wall will be covered with certificates, well done my boy! Your dad and I are very proud of you. I will be there to see you receive it, I love how enthusiastic you are when you’re given it. You’re proud of yourself too and that’s great! 🙂


You start occupational therapy on Thursday. The reason being you need a little help with your fine motor skills. You struggle to put your shoes on unless they are velcro and you’re unable to manage buttons or zips. I’m not a fan of buttons myself so perhaps you got that from me? You’ll get to miss the first part of school so there’ll be plenty of time to have a nice, big fry up!

Love mum


Dear Luca

You had a wonderful time in Italy with your dad and spent a lot of time with nonno and nonna. Two weeks is a long time to spend apart, but it goes really fast when you’re having so much fun … doesn’t it? Arthur Christmas even managed to deliver presents to you in Milan, how clever is he to know where you are? You got loads of things, but think you liked your Guns ‘n Roses CD the most. Thank you for bringing me back a great big piece of parmesan.


While you were away I redecorated your bedroom. You now have your own desk where you can sit and ‘work’, just like your mum and dad does. I was so excited to show it to you … and lucky for me, you loved it! Your favourite colour is black you see, I chose green and white furniture. I was concerned that living in a black room would make you depressed. 😉 You have a new football duvet cover, and there’s plenty of black in that.

luca room

It’s been a good start to the year. You’ve been on the waiting list for swimming lessons for months, but finally have a place. They are one-one lessons and far better for you than group sessions … you do have to work a lot harder though. School is also going really well and you’re happy.

Your sleeping has improved so much. You’re now staying in your bed and going to sleep on your own after we’ve read together. The Dr Seuss series is your choice of flavour at the moment, my favourite from when I was a little girl. Anyway, I let you decide what your reward should be for sleeping and staying in your bed … you’ve chosen tickets to go and watch Brighton play football at the stadium. You deserve them.

It’s snowing today and we’re going to Chloe’s house for Sunday roast. Maybe you can build another snowman with the twins?

Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

Love mum

Christmas is coming

Dear Luca

You’re going to Italy in a week to spend Christmas with your dad, it’s his year to have you. We take it in turns … but we’ll have our own Christmas before you leave. I’ve made a deal with Arthur Christmas, he’ll be coming to ours early so you don’t miss out and will have presents under our tree.

I wonder what you’ll be getting? You have toys you never play with, you have an empty plastic bottle. This bottle goes most places with you, but I don’t let you take it to school. You asked me this morning if you could take it to Italy, I told you dad would buy you a new one. Apparently you can’t get plastic bottles in Italy, only perfume and cheese.

If Arthur Christmas left you a dozen plastic bottles under our tree you’d be a very happy boy. I somehow doubt he will though … perhaps he’ll leave you one?


Love mum

Catch up

Dear Luca

I haven’t blogged for a little while, no reason really. Lots has happened since my last post. You went to Italy with your dad for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays. As usual you had a wonderful time catching up with nonno, nonna, Elisa and all of your dad’s friends and their children. You bought me back some home made pesto and a lovely big piece of parmigiano, thank you! 🙂

You’ve started Year 3 now and have a new teacher. You like her a lot, you like everyone though. You have 1-1 number count every day for half an hour. It’s been really good for you and your counting and numbers work has really improved. I was really rubbish at maths at school so you’ve probably got that from me. We can’t be good at everything.

You’re also having speech therapy every Wednesday afternoon. You have a sub-mucous cleft palate, this means that there’s a very small hole at the back of your palate, sometimes spaghetti gets sucked up there and comes out through your nose; although that hasn’t happened for a long time. The therapy is to help you with the ‘s’ sound and your nasal speech. We want to avoid surgery so you’re having the therapy to train you to speak through your mouth, rather than your nose. You work so hard in these sessions.

Oh, and one more thing. You received a certificate in assembly on Friday for looking after the younger children at lunch time. I was really happy when I heard this because we’d had a chat about how you must be kind to the new kids at school and look out for them. Keep it up!

Love mum


Good times

Dear Luca

It’s so good to have you home. You’ve been with your dad for the past week, aunty Elisa visited from Italy and looked after you while your dad was at work. You had a great time and did so much. She took you to the British Museum, swimming, the London Zoo and to the woods.

We all went out for dinner last night. Dad treated me because it was my birthday last week, when you were away. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to give me my flowers and African treats. Thank you so much, the flowers have pride of place on the dining room table, they smell lovely. You tried an oyster for the first time and loved it, you also had sushi for lunch. It’s incredible that you’ll try any food and you enjoy everything. There’s nothing you don’t eat, considering you didn’t eat until you were 16 months old I find it awesome. I still love to watch you tucking into your food, I don’t think the novelty will ever wear off.

Dad’s friends have given you an mp3 player. You’ve been listening to music on it most of the morning and singing along to Justin Bieber. I prefer your voice to his, by far.

On Sunday you go to Italy for two weeks with your dad. Lucky boy but I’ll miss you!

Love mum



Birthday boy

Dear Luca

Today is your 7th birthday, it is also Nelson Mandela’s birthday.. he’s 94! You have a little while yet before you reach that age. Nelson Mandela is a truly inspirational man, as you are a truly inspirational boy. This is your blog though so I’ll be focusing on you.

7 years ago you came into this world, you were in no rush to make an appearance and made us wait a little longer; you were very comfortable in my tummy. Shortly after we met you we found out our strong little boy was born with a broken heart, but not to worry about that, it’s fixed now. The scar on your chest is proof of what a little soldier you are.

You’ve been through a lot in these 7 years, mostly when you were younger though so don’t think you’ll remember any of it. Looking at you now, how you have grown into a feisty, independent and loving boy, it’s hard to believe that you were once so poorly.

You’re trying really hard at school and have touched so many people and made plenty of new friends. Your dad and I are super proud of you and love you very much. Looking foward to burgers and chips with you later.

Love mum

Sam I am

Dear Luca

Our family has just got bigger. We have a little kitten and have called him ‘Sam I am’, inspired by Dr Seuss. He’s settled in really quickly, you’re still a bit unsure though. It’s like having a baby all over again. Every morning he wakes me up at 4am to play, I have to take him out my room and shut the door.

Yesterday you shouted at him quite a bit, then felt bad and apologised saying “I’m sorry I was rude to you Sam I am”. He is a right character, slowly but surely destroying my furniture and jeans. He likes to sit on my lap while I work, when I go out and return he is looking out the window, waiting for me. I wanted Sam I am to be yours, but because I’m home most of the day he’s attached himself to me.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before you love him like I do. I think you could be a little jealous that someone else is getting my attention; I’m encouraging you to play with him more. You still tell him to ‘sit’ and ask for his paw, he’s not like Chloe’s dog Dennis. He’s a cat and cats don’t do those things, but you’ll soon figure that out for yourself.

Love mum

17 June 2012

Dear Luca

Today is a big day, for two reasons; a year ago today I moved to Brighton and it’s Father’s day. You lived in London until September to finish year one at school, I was also working in London so I stayed with you and dad for most of the week and came back to Brighton on the weekends. It was an exciting time, preparing our home ready for your final move. So much has happened this last year, you’ve been to two schools, I became self-employed, you’ve made lots of new friends (as have I) and we’re about to get a kitten. We are well and truly settled here.

Today is also Father’s day. I just wanted to make a reference to your father because he’s pretty awesome, but you know that already. Even though we’re not together anymore he’d do anything for both of us. We can rely on him 100% and I know we’re blessed to have him in our lives. We will raise a glass to him today at lunch time when we celebrate a year of Brighton life with our dear friends, Chloe, Iona, Milla and Jacques.

Here’s to another great year!

Love mum


Dear Luca

Your dad took you to Oxford on the weekend to stay with Lizzy, Justin, Tara and India. You had an awesome time climbing trees, playing football and hanging out with the girls.

You went on a swing that was hanging from a tree in the forest, you had to hold on really tight because there was a big drop. I’m glad you were with your dad because I probably wouldn’t have let you have a go, I’m a drip like that. I can’t even watch you climb frames in the park … I have to turn my back.

You went to the bluebell woods and picked me some flowers. Thank you, I love them and they have pride of place on the dining room table.

Love mum


Dear Luca

Today is your grandpa’s birthday. My dad, not nonno who is your dad’s dad. You never met my dad which is such a shame, he would’ve loved you … and you, him. He was a great man who used to love cooking. You love cooking too and I can imagine the two of you in the kitchen trying out new recipes, he would’ve loved that.

He became an angel way too young and we all miss him very much. But there’s a little bit of him, in you … and that’s a good thing. Wishing my dad, and your grandpa, a very happy 72nd birthday.

Love mum


Dear Luca

You have a girlfriend, her name’s Iona and you play with her often. Chloe is her mum and we have become very good friends since I moved to Brighton. Lately you’ve been getting closer. You kissed one another yesterday, Chloe walked into the living room and you were both huddled on the sofa with your arms around each other. I overheard you saying to Iona that you loved her. You say that to most people but I have a feeling it means just that little bit more with her.

You’re way too young to have a girlfriend, but the sentiment is really sweet and I’m just happy that you’ve made such a good friend.

Love mum


Dear Luca

You had your first sleepover at Chloe’s last night. I honestly expected a call to collect you, but that didn’t happen. Wow! I sent Chloe a few texts checking up on things … she told me to relax and stop worrying. You were totally fine and slept in Iona and Milla’s room with them. You were really well behaved and there were no issues at all.

You called me this morning, but that wasn’t because you were missing me, it was because the dog bit your ball and it popped. We’ll buy you a new one.

I’m going to take you out for a sunday roast via the shop to buy you a magazine. You deserve a treat. We’ll head to the park afterwards so you can play football, maybe we’ll see the kids you played with yesterday? If we don’t you’ll just play with someone else, like you always do.

Such a big boy! Maybe next time Iona and Milla can come to ours.

Love mum


Dear Luca

You went to drawing club after school today. Freddie’s mum takes it, she asked me to help out … so today was also my first day. I was a bit apprehensive, but I really enjoyed it. The theme was based on Sean Scully’s work, you had to draw stripes on cardboard, colour them in using chalks, then cut and glue to make interesting designs.

You washed your hands four times during the lesson. You didn’t like having chalk on your fingers, maybe because it was black and you kept creating little smudge marks on your work. The boys all chose greens, blues, browns and yellows. The girls did their stripes in reds, yellows, pinks, oranges and purples.

It was a fun thing to do together and I look forward to going next week.

Love mum